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General Discussion / Shipbuilding Packaging industr...
Last post by DaronhKenya4 - Jan 16, 2019, 08:10 pm
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General Discussion / old timer
Last post by temujin1987 - Apr 03, 2018, 04:33 pm
So its been awhile since i have been online and was wondering if we are still a fleet? Also if we are can i please get a invite back in and my rank restored it possible
General Discussion / Re: [fanfiction] Winter holida...
Last post by Isria - Dec 22, 2016, 12:06 pm
Quote from: Q the Greatest on Dec 22, 2016, 06:07 am"You too, my good doctor?" Elim asked in a cheerless tone, taking the third glass of glogg. "I never imagined how heartless you can be."

"Oh yes, she can!" Sheryl assured him, rushing in to take a couple of bottles of the romulan ale. "No matter what you were discussing, I thought, you should know," her eyes sparkled almost literally, before she rushed out.

Muwahaha!  *cough*  Um...I mean, I'm perfectly sweet and innocent...   ;)

It is a cute story, Elim.  And thank you for posting it, Num.
General Discussion / [fanfiction] Winter holidays s...
Last post by Q the Greatest - Dec 22, 2016, 06:07 am
Elim wrote a story about Q's jokes during Winter Wonderland :3


Ensign Cookie

"Ensign Cookie reporting for duty!"

"Wait... what?" Elim blinked, looking at the gingerbread colonist from the snow globe that Q gave him as a winter holiday gift that seemed to be quite serious.

The young gingerbread woman, dressed up as an officer of the tactical department, saluted him, back straight, face enthusiastic.

"Admiral Q said that you're the captain I need when carried out my transfer to your ship!" Elim stifled a desire to half-lid his eyes and produce a heavy sigh, addressed clearly to Q and his jokes. It wasn't the fault of the newly baked ensign, after all. "It has always been my greatest dream: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gingerbread has gone before!" her voice was excited and full of hopes. "I undertook only a short internship at the command of the admiral Q himself, but--"

"I'm sorry, ensign, but there must be some kind of mistake," Elim started, trying not to look annoyed, as he truly was, to not hurt ensign Cookie's feelings. He was just about to proceed, when his first officer came in, strangling a laugh.

"Sir, I'm afraid, we have the tribbles problem again--" Jaelyn Dax stood still, eyes slowly widening, lips trembling. "And, as I can see, it isn't the only one."

"Tribbles problem? I can solve it!" ensign Cookie cried. "Sir! Give me a chance to prove you that there's no mistake!"

And before Elim had a chance to answer -- she was already out on her way to the cargo bay.

* * *

"You can't be serious, can you?" Raiden asked, pouring himself another Nog's nog -- to get warm after a snowball fight. Elim lifted one eyeridge and gave him a sarcastic glance. "No, really?"

"Can you remember me not being serious, Renzi?"

"Yes, can you remember the Spoonhead not being boring?" Num meddled in, appearing out of thin air. His clothes were covered with snow, face grinning joyfully.

"Hello, Big Ears," Elim answered in the same manner, taking a sip of his glogg.

Raiden looked around, as if looking for the ways for retreat. His nervousness wasn't left unnoticed, as Num's grin widened even more.

"Calm down, man, I'm here not for your dabo debts." He ordered a mug of hot chocolate and turned to Elim again. "So what's your problem with that cookie officer?" he took a gulp before going on. "Isn't it at least funny?"

Elim snorted. "I see. So ensign Enoli already reported to you."

"I have no idea of what are you talking about," Num shook his head, taking another gulp. "But you know, rumors spread fast."

"Indeed," Elim said, half-lidding his eyes.

"What are you two up to?" Isria asked cheerfully, approaching the bar. "I would like to borrow you for a pie eating competition!"

Num couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"What's going on?" Isria looked confused, turning her gaze from one to the other, meanwhile Raiden seemed to be disappeared, not trusting the assurances of the ferengi.

"It's really nothing, my dear doctor," Elim said, staring at Num. "Recently I had a problem with the one of my officers. Admiral Num thinks that it is funny."

"Oh--" Isria exclaimed, but was interrupted almost immediately.

"Did you just say you had a problem?" Num grinned, finishing his chocolate. "You have a problem. It is still unsolved as far as I know."

"Elim?" Isria asked in a gentle voice, comparable to a tribble purring.

Elim sighed and told her.

"So the poor girl ended up in the sickbay?" Isria was sitting now at his side, sipping glogg as well.

"At the bakery, more likely," Num giggled. He seemed to fully enjoy the situation. Isria looked at him reproachfully, but her trembling lips were betraying her.

"You too, my good doctor?" Elim asked in a cheerless tone, taking the third glass of glogg. "I never imagined how heartless you can be."

"Oh yes, she can!" Sheryl assured him, rushing in to take a couple of bottles of the romulan ale. "No matter what you were discussing, I thought, you should know," her eyes sparkled almost literally, before she rushed out.

"I'm not heartless!" Isria cried after her, wounded. "And I think that you must talk to Q, Elim. You know, he doesn't really realize that his jokes aren't innocent."

"Or just do nothing, and the problem will solve itself," Num said, shrugging his shoulders. "Your gingerbread girl acts as a person only because of the Q powers."

"He has a point," Isria replied. "Sooner or later his winter magic will come to an end, and your ensign Cookie will turn into a... cookie," she chuckled.

"And when Q is bored with his everlasting winter holiday party, you could eat her quite literally," Num finalized, smile expressive.

"How long it has been that I haven't told you that you are disgusting?" Elim asked him rhetorically, rising to his feet.

"I will take it as a compliment!" Num shouted after him. It seemed that he had something to discuss with Enoli. He grinned one more time, took his snowgun and headed to the frozen lake, where the klingon fishing was just announced.

* * *

"You are boring, aren't you?" Q said, making a face.

"Tribbles ate her hand, do you realize it, Q?" Elim's voice was cold and grim. "It doesn't look like a joke at all!" he rose his eyeridges disapprovingly. "She had so much pain and fear in her eyes that we had to think fast about the possible cure... that clearly was far away from the medicine as we used to know it."

Q beamed with joy. "You see! I was right when telling her that you are the captain she needs! So caring! So mindful!"

"Q!" Elim growled. "You have to tell her the truth! That she is not a Starfleet officer and that she could never become one!"

"But... why?" a sad voice came, and Elim turned around to see ensign Cookie's face, full of sorrow. Q looked at him smugly. "I thought, Starfleet is open to all the species, I thought, the Federation is about exploring the Universe and making friends!"

"It is," Elim sighed, "but--"

"But not for me!" she cried. "Is it what you gonna say?"

"No, I--"

"He was gonna say that you're not good enough for him," Q said coldly. "You know these captains."

"What? No!" Elim flared up.

"Admit it, admiral," Q proceeded. "Your Starfleet pride isn't as stainless as you try to pretend. I remember--"

"The point is that the whole of this place and everything in there is created by Q," Elim interrupted him, looking at the ensign Cookie, his eyes sad and tired. "You are alive because he wants you to, but at the very moment he stops this game, you'll turn into a lifeless item again," the rush of these words produced almost crushing effect. Elim never imagined that a gingerbread could pale. "I'm sorry."

"No, you are not!" Q cried. "Why else should you tell her this?"

"Is it true?" ensign Cookies asked, staring at Q. "Am I only a wry joke?"

"I'm sorry," Elim repeated, feeling uncomfortable. "I just don't want you being eaten by tribbles. Or someone else." He glared at Q that looked displeased. "You are not a god, Q. Not even a Blue Fairy."

"Am I not?" Q asked, snapping his fingers again. Elim turned back to the ensign Cookie that was changing slowly, from her feet to head, turning into a human. "Making her a real girl and stuff," Q added, snorting. "And remember," he pointed his finger at her, "you won't be able to turn back home, because you're no more gingerbread from my fairytale, but a human from the boring reality. Enjoy yourselves!" And Q disappeared.

"Thank you! Thank you so much, captain!" ensign Cookie cried and embraced Elim, putting a kiss on his cheek. "If it weren't you, my dream would never come true!"

Elim blinked, seeing her running away to the transporter point. He brushed his cheek and smelled his fingers -- for no obvious reason. They smelled gingerbread.

"Well, I still think, Num's point was better," Sheryl said, appearing beside him. "But if you ran out of ensigns..." she didn't finish her thought, grinned and walked away.

Elim sighed. The cookie problem was finally solved. In a way.

And the snow globe that waited for him in his quarters was empty.

For evermore.
Guides & Tutorials / Re: Dyson Sphere Battlezone - ...
Last post by Renar - Dec 19, 2016, 09:12 am
As for now, I consider the post finished and it is live. The last post was edited properly and the any further changes will be noted correctly in the 7th post.
I do hope that many profit from that guide and that it enlightens the (in my humble opinion) fastest way to gather dilithium.

The Dyson Ground Event was fun, although there were technical issues for a few. I was, honestly, surprised how fast we were able to gather points and lure the Rexes out as we split up.
And I'm looking forward for the next time, when a few fleeties run around there and are willing to form a team!

Thanks to all who were part of that great time! Thank you!
Guides & Tutorials / Re: Dyson Sphere Battlezone - ...
Last post by Isria - Dec 11, 2016, 02:57 am
Sheryl, your Dyson event went very well.  Thank you for leading us all into battle.  Splitting up the team to take an entire zone seemed very effective and and we were able to get most of the Rexes as they appeared.  I didn't keep track of all the dilithium I earned with Jorie, but at the end of the night, I had nearly 100 cybernetic implants worth around 33,000 dil alone.   8) 
General Discussion / [fanfiction] Difficult questio...
Last post by Q the Greatest - Dec 04, 2016, 06:22 am


"I knew I would find you here," Raiden cast a side look at the person whom he was talking to. "While in earth spacedocks, you're always spending at least a few minutes here looking at ships. Don't you think that's odd?"

"Odd?" Elim's voice sounded amused. "Why?"

"Well, err..." Raiden straightened his neck. "You're all alone here. Nobody seems to enjoy this view as much as you do."

Elim smiled.

"Didn't it come to your mind that this actually might be the point?" his eyes kept following ship tracks almost absent-mindedly. They kept silence for some time. "Did you want something?"

Raiden suddenly felt annoyed.

"Hell, Elim!" he shook his head. "A bit of your company is already too much?"

The corners of Elim's lips trembled.

"Why? Did I say that?"

"Actually, you did," he raised his eyebrows meaningfully, staring at the unflappable cardassian that could be so blandly arrogant sometimes.

"Well, then you must have misunderstood me," his voice got softer. "I have no objections against your company, Renzi. You may stay."

"Oh, but thank you!" Raiden feigned a bow and snorted.

There was a silence again, in which the trill was leaning his elbows against the handrail and looking at ships as well.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you," he started again.

"You brought up some matter to discuss?" Elim asked without any change in his tone or posture.

"What? No, not really," Raiden tousled his hair. "Er... just to... talk, you know."

Another ship passed before their eyes, floating slowly and solemnly as a mythological star whale.

"Is something bothering you?" the cardassian shifted his gaze finally and looked at Renzi.

"Yes. No. I don't know," he shook his head as if wondering about the purpose of this conversation itself. "Tell me, have you ever loved someone?"

Such an ordinary question. Plain and common. Raiden was sure of it. At least he wanted to think so.

"And have you?" Elim raised his eyeridge questioningly.

"I asked first!" irritation that barely calmed down arose again.

After a moment or two the cardassian sighed and leaned his elbows against the handrail too.

"It is a difficult question, Renzi. What kind of love are you implying?"

"You got me very well, Elim."

"Then I must answer no. I've never loved someone."

Raiden looked at him suspiciously. The cardassian seemed to keep gazing at ships, but his eyes were out of focus and just stared into the space.

"Lying again?"

"Did I ever lie to you, Renzi?" his voice sounded hurt.

"How would I know, wouldn't I?"

Elim snorted and shook his head in disbelief.

"You wanted to talk to me. That means, it is you who have to confess something. Now, that you came to the matter, it is a love thing. What is your problem, Renzi, that you try to discuss it with me in such a peculiar way?"

Raiden pursed his lips, shifting from side to side. Insight was a trait that he liked and hated about him at the same time. Damned cardassian. He tousled his hair again.

"I loved a girl. Many years ago. It was on Trill before I entered the Academy." Elim kept silence, encouraging him to continue. "She left me. I thought that I'm done with that, that all I need is flirting and short relationships without any obligations. You know me. I've lived that way for cycles." He lowered his head. "And yesterday I suddenly run into her, here, in spacedocks."

Elim nodded slowly.

"And now you think that the only thing you really need is to have her by your side. I see."

"You see?" Raiden grinned painfully. "But it is totally pointless. She is married, has a child and barely remembers me."

It was so unexpected, that he started when a palm lowered on his shoulder.

"I see, Renzi," Elim repeated. "And I'm really sorry that I can't help you. I realise that you came to me because you don't want to talk to the counselor and seek for a friendly advice or -- what would be better -- for an example of the same problem that got a solution," his voice was soft and calm -- much more reassuring than the one the counselor on Raiden's ship has. "I wonder only why did you conclude that I might be the best advisor on that matter?"

Raiden, who was avoiding his gaze while he talked, glared at him.

"Because you're always so alone, Elim." The cardassian blinked. "I thought that that might be the reason. Or something in kind."

"But I'm not alone. I have friends and family," he sounded amazed.

"You know what I mean. Just look at yourself." Elim blinked again. "Standing here, looking at ships, reflecting on something you don't seem willing to share with anyone."

The trill fell silent again. The cardassian released his shoulder from his hand and looked back into the window.

"Then, what do you think about having a drink or two?" he asked.

"Desperately agree," Raiden chuckled.

Elim smiled with the corners of his lips.

"In this case, don't mind to follow me, captain."

"Yes, sir," Raiden feigned a salute, and a broad smile crossed his face. "But let's stay away from this big ears guy, I owe him a lot of latinum."

"For sure," the cardassian twisted his lips archly, heading to the turbolift.

And Raiden didn't know how, but this arch smile made him feel better once again.
General Discussion / [fanfiction] Out, ensign
Last post by Q the Greatest - Dec 04, 2016, 05:55 am
A story, written by Elim, about some troubles he got into. Certainly not because of me ;)


Elim was looking through the reports in his quarters, while listening to some earth retro that his father was so fond of. He paced the room, making some dance steps from time to time or spinning on his heels. Nobody could see him now, so he allowed himself to be a bit absent-minded to everything except his reading. Astrophysists have found something that they were sure could move science further into comprehension of cluster anomalies. Their reports were quite curious and encouraging. To tell the truth, Elim was fond of astrophysics himself, but all this captain stuff left him deprived of what he imagined to do while enlisting in the Starfleet Academy. He cast a glance into the window and sighed. Actually, at first he couldn't decide between medicine and physics, but the latter enchanted him so much that things miraculously cleared themselves up.

The song changed, and he barely controlled himself to not start humming. At this very moment -- fortunately or not -- the doors opened, making him spin on his heels again. Elim frowned.

"Enoli, how many times it has been already that I'm telling you not to enter anywhere without permission? Especially my quarters."

The orion smiled archly and stepped in, swaying her hips without any shade of shame.

"Oh, come on, captain, don't be so mean," she approached him way too close than it was necessary. "I just wanted to call on you before going to bed -- just to check if you are willing to keep my company."

Elim half-lidded his eyes.

"Weren't the first ten no enough for you to take a hint?"

She laughed.

"Oh my, captain, you're the hardest person to seduce I've ever encountered." It seemed that she fully enjoyed this fact. The orion flung her arms round his neck. "How inspiring!"

Elim stepped back and aside, avoiding her touch. He was annoyed. These two weeks felt already like constant turbulence because of her presence aboard. The most disturbing fact was not even her constant insubordination, but that he couldn't get rid of her. He put reports back on the desk and folded his arms across his chest.

"Frankly speaking, ensign, you are a nuisance," he raised his eyeridges to put more weight into words. "And that's why Num recommended you there to the Starfleet command," he added in his thoughts.

She laughed again, as if he actually gave her a compliment.

"A nuisance that strong that you eventually started calling me by my name," she purred, getting closer. Elim rolled his eyes crossly. "By the way, captain, you are a cardassian..." she flung her arms round his neck again. "Isn't it too cold for you? I could warm you, just a bit," the orion winked viciously. "Give it a try."

He put her hands off him, staring heavily at her pretty face.

"I'm a half-human. And if I'm cold, I can take a bath."

She curved her lips and raised one of her brows.

"I could rub your back, couldn't I?"

"Out, ensign."

Enoli grinned, leaving as slowly as it ever seemed possible. In the doorway she turned around to blow a kiss. Elim waited till the doors closed behind her.

"Computer, add a security protocol. To not let ensign Enoli in without a special permission."

* * *

"Am I not beautiful, captain?"

"Sorry, what?" Elim pretended that he didn't hear right what did she say. Such questions became rather common, and he was tired like hell to answer them.

"Don't you find me attractive?"

He heard a giggle from the first officer's side and glared at her with a reproach. The entire crew seemed to have fun watching this continuous pursuit -- or at heast his senior officers.

"I do find your reports unsatisfactory, ensign. You should be concerned about this in the first place."

Enoli licked her lips with a flicker of her tongue.

"I might try to satisfy you the other way."

"You might try to do your job better. After all, such a persistence of yours is inappropriate and offensive. You serve on a Federation ship now. Try to fit in," Elim's voice was cold as he passed her a padd.

"I got it, captain," she grew completely serious.

"Splendid," he turned away from her.

"You prefer males."

"What?!" Elim spun on his heels, outraged. Jaelyn that was silently giggling before burst out laughing. "I do not!"

"Oh, don't you?" the trill winked at him jokingly. "I remember that story back to our Academy days--"

"Commander!" he growled. "Perform your duty and leave all such talks to the dinnertime!"

T'Pau raised her eyebrow. Ensign pilot chuckled. Enoli was smiling broadly, obviously pleased with his reaction. He turned to her again, and if the stare could kill -- that would be a certain death.

"Out, ensign."

* * *

This assignment was hell from the very beginning. Ambassador Sugihara insisted that they should do more officer exchange to strengthen their bonds with the Klingon Empire. That sounded reasonable, though troublesome. Elim thought that an orion male or female would be lesser evil -- prior to his revelation that the one that was assigned to his ship was recommended personally by Num.

The girl that beamed up to the transporter room was dressed as an orion slave and didn't want to change her clothes. It was an excessive toil to make her put on something more convenient.

"It is quite comfortable to fight in, then why should I change?"

"Because you're in Starfleet. The orders there are different from what you are used to. I presume, most of the Starfleet officers serving the Empire now are faced to the same differences."

The newcomer smiled archly.

"Then why don't you change my clothes yourself, captain?"

That's how it started. He covered his face with a palm. If only he could send her back -- he would do it in a week at the latest, if not immediately. But that would mean not only that he admits himself unable to deal with a simple officer, but also could wound diplomatic relationships that weren't smooth at all. Num certainly knew all of that. This twisty ferengi never did something that didn't take his own interest. A question was, what was his interest now -- just to torture him or did he expect something else. Logic suggested both.

He rose to his feet from the sofa and took a padd.

"Computer, activate the security protocol my dear doctor zero zero seven alpha. Output all the information regarding ensign Enoli's communications to this padd."

"Output complete," computer informed.

"Decrypt encrypted data using the key pack four six nine red."

"Decryption complete."

"Thank you."

"My pleasure, sir."

Elim smiled. He ran his eyes over the files. Just as he expected.

"Computer, where's ensign Enoli now?"

"Ensign Enoli is using an encrypted channel in her quarters."

Elim curved his lips and put the padd aside.

"Delete the history of the latest inquiry. End security protocol my dear doctor zero zero seven alpha."


It was a time for him to talk to someone.

* * *

As a captain, Elim could override almost any lock on this ship with his authorization code. As a person that tended to be versed in everything at least a little, he could do it without any notification. Enoli was sitting at her desk and talking. He certainly could catch her on this transmission by sneaking up on her if he were more lucky and less bumping into a chair. The orion ended transmission just in time when Elim approached her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Captain!" she started. He lowered his head to her ear so that his breath touched it. His firm fingers started to massage her shoulders, stroking gently her neck and collarbones. She gasped. "Oh, captain, you--"

"I thought that we have to talk, Enoli," he took a word and his whisper sent a shiver through her body. She moaned.

"Yes, I'm--"

"Spying for the big ears guy, yes," he bit the tip of her lobe, interrupting her again. She gasped again, feeling his palms forming a precise, tight circle around her neck. He hummed gently into her ear, making her feel too hot to sit still.

"Wait, but I--"

"Will be cut off anything that can be of importance for him," he suddenly released her, straightening and stepping back to the entrance.

Enoli turned around to him, caught, aroused and confused.

"Wait! You can't leave me now!" her voice was a reproach and indignation. "Like that!"

Elim looked back at her and smiled. Her eyes blazed with desire, hair tousled, breathing irregular.

"I suggest you to take a bath."
Guides & Tutorials / Re: Dyson Sphere Battlezone - ...
Last post by Renar - Dec 03, 2016, 07:09 am
Post credits, special thanks.

Screenshots, calculations and anything else in this guide is selfmade. Some of the numbers in the missions were odd, but rest assured, I did the maths and what you see in this guide is perfectly correct, as it comes down to rewards and stuff. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Voth Strike Commander, when you want one for your gallery?

As you probably can imagine it took a few days to gather all the data, to think about how I could write all that stuff down so that even younglings to the Ground Battlezone get an idea of what I talk about. Honestly, I just can hope that it gives an idea of the possibilities, the HowTo and what awaits you on your journey.

Keep in mind: The area is huge, so no one can check it right from the beginning. In my first days down there I killed the first Rex as they spawned and then I was like: "Where the heck shall I go now? Which direction? Where is everyone!?!?" so don't worry if the Battlezone looks confusing! Give it time, try a few runs either alone or in teams (you can ask in TIC Chat anytime if someone wants to join!), slice through the Voth and enjoy your victory!

I would like to thank those, who were involved in that project and gave me valuable input, as it comes to understandings, writing and even as I missed something or made things more unclear than I wanted them to be.

First of all, the doc, Rear Admiral Isria Lorn.
Without you, I wouldn't have written that guide and you know that. My ass still hurts from the countless times you kicked me... oh, and thank you for reading through it and for your advice. And, of course, for uploading the pictures I made into the Event Gallery (after you created it).

Then, there is our greedy Ferengi, little Num.
Thank you too for your advice and your opinion on the guide!

And last but not least, our (totally not a) spy, Elim.
I think you were the first one to read through the guide and I hope I sorted out all the things that seemed to confuse. Thank you!


     Added, 4th Post, Final Enemy, last line:
Beware! With the Rexes there will be two Voth, trying to steal the Omega Particles. If they succeed, you lose the silo and a part of the reward. If you kill them, they will come back after a short time. A progress bar at the right side tells you how much they already got. If the Voth don't try to steal Omega Particles, the progress bar fills itself, so you have more time. If you are not strong enough to get the Rex down, make sure the Voth aren't able to get the Particles - and wait for others to join you.
     Added, 3.2, last line:
Attention! If you visit the Dyson Ground Battlezone for the first time, Arnold will give you one mission after the other. You can't pick all four together at that time. So please make sure you prepare your character(s) before you make runs with others (or ignore the missions, which will result in less reward).

     Added, 6.1, slight change at the Bonus text; Number of points needed (6) to get the big reward:
Bonus if made enough Points (six in summary for the team) and caught all three Rexes: 4680 Dilithium Ore & 90 Dyson Sphere Marks & 5 Voth Implants (2520 Dilithium Ore, if you didn't make six points).
Guides & Tutorials / Re: Dyson Sphere Battlezone - ...
Last post by Renar - Dec 03, 2016, 02:08 am
      6.1 Numbers; Icing on the cake

  • Capture six (for example) Points:
6x 42 Dilithium Ore, 65 Dyson Sphere Marks
-> 252 Dilithium Ore, 390 Dyson Sphere Marks

  • Four missions (best case) combined: 3816 Dilithium Ore.

  • Three Rexes =
672 Dilithium Ore x3 -> 2016 Dilithium Ore.
25 Dyson Sphere Marks x3 -> 75 Dyson Sphere Marks.

  • Bonus if made enough Points (six in summary for the team) and caught all three Rexes: 4680 Dilithium Ore & 90 Dyson Sphere Marks & 5 Voth Implants (2520 Dilithium Ore, if you didn't make six points).

In summary:
10764 Dilithium Ore + 555 Dyson Sphere Marks + 5 Voth Implants.
+ 10% Dilithium boost from the Research Lab: 11840 Dilithium Ore.

In addition:
500 Dyson Sphere Marks -> 5000 Dilithium Ore.
3x Voth Cybernatic Implants -> 500 Dilithium Ore.

17.340 Dilithium Ore, 55 Dyson Sphere Marks, 2 Voth Implants.

This is the final reward, if you manage to get all four missions and have a really good run with enough Points you captured AND if you got all three Rexes.
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