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General Discussion / Infrastructure Technician
Last post by Exterkhan - Mar 18, 2019, 07:26 pm

Cisco endorsements (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE).

The Cisco accreditations will furnish the competitor with extraordinary skill in establishment, tasks, and investigating. It will give experts a stage to work in a joint effort with specialists on subjects, for example, propelled security, voice, remote, and video arrangements. It will empower the contender to create, manufacture, actualize, keep up and investigate complex undertaking organizing foundations.

Confirmed Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS).

The Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist accreditation focusses on customary communication, remote correspondences, bearer systems and a large group of increasingly broad systems administration themes, for example, the OSI reference model and conventions, Ethernet LANs, virtual systems administration, organizing hardware, and tending to.

Confirmed IP Telecom Network Specialist (CIPTS).

CIPTS Certification goes for the new-age IP telecom system and its innovations. The affirmed proficient ought to have great information of telecom organize innovations and how they cooperate. The regions of center are the OSI Layers, Ethernet and MAC outlines (Layer 2), IP Packets, Addressing and Routing (Layer 3) and MPLS Traffic Management.

To Read More :  https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/infrastructure-technician/
General Discussion / ijazah online
Last post by Abdulmoid01 - Mar 10, 2019, 11:45 pm
ijazah online

jazah (Certification) in memorizing and reading Quran with narration of Hafs `An `Asim.

Ijazah (Certification) is a term used vividly in Quran and Hadith. It literally means that a student reads to his teacher, and the chain eventually goes on to the Tabi'een, then to the Sahabah (Ridvanullahee Ta'alaa 'anhum a'jam'een), then to the final Prophet Muhmmad (Sallallaahu A'layhi Va Aalihee Wasallam). At the end it extends to Jibreel A'layhis salaam and then to the lord of the worlds ALLAAH Subhanahu Va Ta'alaa.

It is such a blessing that the essence and fruits of it starts coming from the very first day. The very famous narration known as Hafs 'an 'Asim is being focused and read. And every word is being transmitted as taught, listen and read from our beloved Prophet (Sallallahu a'layhi Va Aaliee Wasallam). The narration is from Hafs and the two narrators are Shu'bah and Hafs. A brief introduction is given below.


He was called Abu Bakr but his real name was Aasim bin Bahdalah Abee An-Najood Al-Asadee. His recitation is also referred to Riwayatul Kufi. He had been gifted one of the best voice at that time. He learned directly from the Sahabah and hence the list of Tabi'een becomes adorable with his name. He left this world in the year 127 Al-Hijrah.
General Discussion / Re: Network Security Checklist
Last post by natashaaiken480 - Mar 10, 2019, 10:40 pm
System security is essential for home systems just as in the business world. Most homes with rapid web associations have at least one remote switches, which could be abused if not legitimately verified. A strong system security framework diminishes the danger of information misfortune, burglary and harm https://www.assignmentglobe.com
General Discussion / Network Security Checklist
Last post by Abdulmoid01 - Mar 10, 2019, 07:16 pm
Network Security Checklist

Research conducted by Verizon reveals that about 61% of all data breaches in 2016 targeted small businesses while the rest targeted big corporations and other institutions. Verizon further reports that as of 2017 90% of all small businesses had not implemented proper network security measures. This is unfortunate considering that losses incurred in case of an attack forced most small businesses to go under.

Small businesses and large corporations alike can stay out of reach of hackers simply by observing network security best practices. Here is an overview of 10 factors that should be in every small business network security checklist.

1. Software Updates
The global ransom-ware attack of 2017 infamously known as Wannacry affected millions of businesses and institutions across the world, including the UK's NHS. It later turned out that the NHS could have avoided this attack if it had simply updated its operating systems.

Microsoft, Google, and other IT companies often release new updates to seal the weaknesses of their software. These updates are designed to strengthen your systems and make it harder for hackers to breach your network. As such, check whether your software systems are updated. Additionally, be sure to be on the lookout for new updates and always implement them as soon as they are released - it will not cost you a thing!
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Last post by Alexvtiz - Mar 09, 2019, 03:18 pm
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General Discussion / Benefits of Teaching Quran to ...
Last post by Exterkhan - Mar 07, 2019, 01:47 am

This is the time when the child looks up to his parents, and they can easily guide him due to his full attachment to them. Also, this is the time when the child's memory is strong and his mind is pure. The child is mentally prepared to receive and memorize whatever knowledge he is taught. As old saying states "Memorizing while young is like carving into a rock." That which is carved into a rock cannot easily be removed; rather, it remains as the years pass.

Likewise, the memorization of one who memorized in his younger years will remain strong for a long time, especially if it is supported with consistent and structured review. Memorization of the Qur'an and learning its proper recitation during one's childhood is a blessed and successful method that was commonly practiced by the Pious Predecessors of this ummah.

Al-Waleed ibn Muslim  said, "When we used to sit in al-Awzaa'ee's circle and he would see a new young boy with us, he would ask him, did you memorize the Qur'an?' If he said 'Yes', al-Awzaa'ee would say, 'Then read from the following verse

If he said, 'No', al-Awzaa'ee would tell him, 'Go and memorize the Qur'an first before you seek knowledge."

Our Pious Predecessors who memorized the Qur'an at a young age are too many to count. Imam Ibn al-Jazaree'" (may Allah have mercy on him), one of the leading scholars of Qur'an, described one of those great scholars as follows:

"He is Zayd ibn al-Hasan ibn Zayd, the scholar, Taajud-Deen, Abu al-Yumn alĀ­ Kindee AI-Baghdaadee. He was a merchant, a scholar and teacher of Qur'an, a grammarian, a linguist, a scholar of eloquence, and a Hancifee.

To Learn More :   Benefits of Teaching Quran to Children at Young Age
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