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Num and his crew

Started by Q the Greatest, Sep 18, 2016, 04:57 am

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Q the Greatest

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Num Lati, captain of the "Treasure"

"You know why I became a starfleet engineer? I don't have lobes for business - but still I have the uniform of latinum colour!" he used to joke.

"What is my name? Latinum is my name!" he replied, when somebody asked, and his real identity remained secret even after years of the Starfleet Academy.

But the real story of captain Num starts long before, when he was a successful gunseller and information broker in the Alpha quadrant. He was always free of any moral doubts and was ready to negotiate with any fractions and to use any ways of obtaining all needed goods and information. That made his reputation in the area.

But, no good things last forever, as he loves to say. Several times he was caught. First - by Federation intelligence, that discovered his listening devices on DS9, then by Deferi diplomat, and then, what was the most tough, by Cardassian patrol. New Cardassian goverment was very eager to execute the one who sold loads of weapons to the True Way, but as a true Ferengi, Num used his best bonds to slip away - but not without a price.

The great Nagus Rom himself helped him to avoid the Cardassian judgement, but as a pay for this service he demanded Num to join Starfleet as his own son did once before.

Num never liked humans, so in the Academy he stuck with the few Cardassians - he always considered them as reliable partners, that have at least small lobes for negotiations. Many other races he considered as sources of easy latinum - and they proven themselves so, losing huge amounts of it in Dabo. Nevertheless, one such loser called Raiden Ranzi, took a chance to become his close buddy (a very loyal source of latinum that askes no questions).

Even in new role Num didn't forget his old customs and style. More then that, he had a chance to spy all over the Federation now, using his old bonds. However, the Great Nagus was pleased and proud with his efforts and retrieved him his old maradeur ship "Treasure" when Num claimed the rank of Vice Admiral.

Commander Mita Garad, Number One

Mita Garad was born on Bajor in the middle of the Cardassian occupation and was trained to be a vedek due to his caste, but had to learn many other technical and survival skills through the hard times he had to face.

Few years Mita spent at DS9 under protection of a Cardassian glin Sekhat Vos, that traited him in a very... special way.

During one of the miners revolts, Garad managed to escape from DS9 in a shuttle. Eventually he got into the wormhole and by the will of the Prophets travelled in time to 30 years after.

After short period of grief he tried to find his place in the Starfleet, where his pilot skills got handy and heard a rapid course at the Academy. Ferengi captain Num found him profitable for his means and assigned to his ship.

As an officer on Num's ship he had a short racist confrontation with his first officer, Cardassian woman Coral Tira. He found a proof that she was a True Way spy and persuaded captain to dismiss her and took her place as a first officer. Mostly, captain trusts him.   

Lieutenant-Commander Vos Sekhat, Security Chief

Sekhat Vos was a Cardassian glin during the occupation of Bajor. He was in close friendship with gul Dukat and lived in comfort on DS9, cause this friendship allowed him almost everything. Taking part in mass humiliation of Bajorans for Sekhat was quite in order, but above all he had a special passion for young vedek Mita and his fragile religious mind and body.

During one of the miners revolts he was almost killed, but Mita saved his life, being in right time in right place, and Sekhat decided that he is not going to let this particular Bajoran go too far away from him.

But Mita misteriosly disappeared, and disappointed glin circled around Bajor in vain, searching either for his escape shuttle, or its remains. Eventually he had found the Gamma Quadrant wormhole and moved through it, and the Prophets let him follow his prey by deciding that their paths are bound together.

Having few difficulties while adapting to the new reality, Sekhat ended up as a double agent of the True Way - still believing that the occupation of Bajor was quite right and Cardassians turned into something he cannot accept - and Federative Section 31, that considered him and his skills and bounds valuable. He himself believed that this shadow play would help him to achieve his own goals and didn't trust both sides. 

When True Way lowered their terroristic activity, Sekhat was assigned as tactical officer to well known admiral Num to watch after him and his provocative behavior. First he was insulted by such mission, but when he found Mita Garad among the crew, he clearly stopped to care about it and about Section 31 itself. Guess why.

Lieutenant Niki, an Engineer for captains private matters

"I am Niki. I'm here for your entertainment. That's all you need to know."

That was his first introduction to captain Num, when they first met on the Orion Slave Market, long before that Ferengi joined Starfleet. That day Niki appeared to be a charming orion slavegirl, that served all the VIP guests of the auction. Num quite enjoyed oo-mox with her and was ready to proceed something more, but he noticed a strange device on her hip, and, as a qualified eingeneer, he recognized it was a portative holoemitter.

It was not unusual for him to have sex with an Orion entertaining hologram, but he found quite interesting the fact that Niki's actual owner was not aware of it, and the holoemitter was not Orion in origin.

The deal was fast and cheap, and Num obtained one of the most witty holograms in the Alpha quadrant. Niki appeared to be one of the old Federation EEH, that was lucky enough to get a personal emitter and escape the mines where many of his kind were used. He improved himself in all possible ways and became capable to change his appearence at his own desire in order to get rid of the look of that "little bolding human". But desires were still a problem for his imperfect AI, so he got used to serve the others without hesitation.

Num found his engineering skills useful and his shapeshifting quite adorable, especially in gathering information. He prefers to keep Niki his little private secret. Nowadays Niki appears like a Vorta - Num likes it when someone calls him god. Even if the other crew doesn't approve it.

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